Saturday, January 4, 2014

Accursed Print Now Available

We've received the standard and premium color prints of the setting book, and DriveThru did a stellar job of printing them. Everything fully met with our expectations on the proof copies we received. Consequently, we've turned on ordering for the color print versions of Accursed on the site. Pricing is as follows:

Paperback print + PDF: $35
Hardcover standard print + PDF: $40
Hardcover premium print + PDF: $50

Pictures and comments below the break.

All print formats are US Letter sized interiors. Hardcover books are slightly larger, due to the physical size of the cover. Here's a comparison of one of the hardcovers next to the perfect bound softcover:

The hardcover binding makes the book quite a bit thicker:
The difference is even more pronounced when comparing the thicker paper in the premium print versus the standard print:

The paperback is a little bit floppy, but holds up pretty well. Both versions of the hardcover have a nice heft and feel very solid. The real difference between the standard color and the premium color versions lies in the quality of the paper. The paper used for the premium color is a little bit thicker (as shown by the spines). More importantly, it's also able to absorb a bit more color in the printing process. As a consequence, the colors are a little bit more vibrant. We were expecting a very sharp difference between the two versions, but it's not that extreme. In images, the comparison is fairly subtle. The biggest place to notice the difference was actually in the text, which is a bit darker and crisper in the premium color.

Here's a comparison of the Alchemy section:

And a comparison of the Baba Yaga page from the Witches chapter:

Ultimately, the big question may be, "Is it worth an extra $10 to get the premium?" To my eye, it is a nicer book. It's not a night and day nicer book, but it is nicer. In reading the text, things do look a little bit sharper on the premium. I'm guessing that for people prone to eye fatigue, they'd probably be happier with the premium version. Personally, I'm happy with PDF for my own purposes, so I'm hardly objective. If I were buying just one print edition, I'd probably go for the standard hardcover, but I'm pretty cheap.

If you need any further clarification on this, please drop us an e-mail.

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