Friday, August 9, 2019

Hope Prep on the Foundry
Two posts in a month? What's going on?

We've just released Hope Preparatory School for Genesys, as part of the Genesys Foundry program. The biggest challenge with this release was the fact that there the Genesys Core Rulebook does not include rules for Super Powers. Hope Prep works around that, adapting the Magic system with some rules adjustments to work for Supers.

In addition to background information about the school, the Freshman Handbook includes character creation rules and game statistics for the faculty with whom the Freshman most often interact.

If FFG releases official Supers rules, we'll go back and revise this book to take advantage of them.

It's available from DriveThruRPG for $4.99. Note that this version includes a few pieces of artwork that we never got around to inserting in our other versions. It also uses some of the character pack artwork throughout.

If there's interest, we'll convert our character packs and adventures to Genesys and add them to the Foundry as well.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Genesys Foundry
It's no secret that John has done quite a bit of work for Fantasy Flight Games over the years. Much of that has been for the Star Wars RPG line. A couple of years ago, FFG decided to make a universal version of that game system, which became Genesys. Just last night, they held their annual Flight Report at Gen Con 2019. During that event, they announced a Community Content site on DriveThruRPG, where authors can upload content. That site is called Genesys Foundry.

As part of the build up to that announcement, FFG asked a group of the veteran freelancers to create some materials to preload into their upcoming site. After a bit of thought, I wrote up Anthrochimerics.

This release presents twelve new species for use as player characters (or NPCs, I suppose) in any setting. Each of the species is based on combinations of human and animalistic traits. In addition to a basic stat block for the new species, it also includes suggestions for how those species might establish a culture, including ideas for magical traditions and worldviews. Additional material suggests how game settings might include these species in Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Modern genres. Finally, the PDF introduces Species Talents, which are only available to members of specific species.

The species in this volume are:
  • Anurite (Frog people)
  • Brochlan (Badger people)
  • Canid (Wolf people)
  • Cerotan (Rhinoceros people)
  • Lepidan (Rabbit people)
  • Minotaur (Cattle people)
  • Naga (Snake people)
  • Saurian (Lizard people)
  • Sekhmet (Cat people)
  • Tengu (Bird people)
  • Tolban (Turtle people)
  • Vermein (Rat people)
Anthrochimerics is now available from DriveThruRPG for $2.95.

I'd really like to do a second volume of this, so I'm hoping this meets with some early success to justify more! (Oh - that cover? That's my daughter's artwork. She was pretty excited to show off her talents.)

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Accursed SWADE Update

The Adventure Edition Update for Accursed is now freely available for download from DriveThruRPG. This is just a bare-bones document, to help players who want to use the new edition of Savage Worlds Roleplaying System with their existing materials.

We're using this guide to create a Jumpstart, which we hope to have available soon!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Melior Via and SWAG

Over on their site, Pinnacle Entertainment Group just announced the formation of a Savage Worlds Adventurer Guild. If you haven't heard, click that link and check it out, then come back here, we'll wait. The long and short is that this program provides a way for anyone to publish and sell game materials using the Savage Worlds system on DriveThruRPG.

We think that's a great idea, but the system doesn't provide a built-in way for people to publish materials for settings that are already out there. We also suspect that there might be a few folks who dig Accursed or The Thin Blue Line and would like to be able to publish their own creations for our settings. This might include things like monsters, NPCs, adventures, or even entire campaigns.

We'd love to see that happen.

If you're interested in writing for Accursed or The Thin Blue Line materials for SWAG, drop a line to and we'll get you straightened out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Year End Wrap-Up

Happy Holidays, to all of our readers.

Season of the Witch

As the calendar winds down, we found time to squeeze in one last release. Every year, John's home game has one session devoted to eating too much food and an over top adventure that's in keeping with the very worst of very special Christmas episodes of ongoing TV series. It's particularly effective when the current campaign has nothing at all to do with Christmas. In keeping with that theme, Ross wrote up a new Accursed 1-sheet  entitled "Season of the Witch." Here's the background:

An idealistic young girl sets out to prove that the celebration of Evergreen Night is for everyone, even the reclusive and infamous Frau Pechta. The Penitents are asked to bring the girl back to her family before Frau Pechta’s inhuman hunger brings a grisly end to the holiday! Can the Accursed handle a sugar-spun stronghold, candy-frosted banes, and the spirit of the season?
Season of the Witch is now available from DriveThruRPG. We've decided to make it a Pay What You Want title, with a suggested price of $1.

Year End Sale

If you're looking for a last minute gift, all of our digital releases are now 25% off through the end of the 2016. When checking out, you can select an e-mail to send the PDF as a gift to a fellow gamer. Print / PDF combos also include a discount on the digital component. Note, though, that at this point, the print on demand copies will not arrive until the new year. Of course, if Santa gave you a little extra money this year, now's the perfect opportunity to flesh out or even complete your collection of any of our lines!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November Updates

It's been a bit since we've had any updates here. We've got more than a few irons in the fire, though, so let's just dive into a quick update.

Accursed and Fate Core

We love the Fate Core game system and offering a version of Accursed for that setting has been on our to do list for a couple of years. John finally found some time to get a real start on it, and he's produced a hack of the Grove Point 1-sheet as a publicly available taste. It's now up on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want product. If you're even curious about how this might look, please grab a copy and give it a read. We've even included pregenerated characters to go with it. Please don't worry about any kind of payment until you've given it fair consideration. Then, if you'd like to see us do more with this please consider leaving a review and/or making a $1 payment. We're using this as a bellwether to determine if there's an audience for more.

Thanksgiving Sale

2016 has been a pretty challenging year for a lot of people. Fortunately, Melior Via has generally done okay this year, but we wouldn't have without your support. As a small way of saying thank you, we're discounting all of our digital products on DriveThruRPG starting at 9AM CST on Thanksgiving and running through Monday. Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, May 9, 2016

May Newsletter

We have a number of different irons in the fire at the moment, and we wanted to update you with our progress.

A Quiet Life

We've just released a new 1-sheet adventure, with the help of one of our World of Morden Kickstarter backers.

As the heroes travel through the Outlands, they come upon a small village, which seems to be in the midst of serious construction. They soon learn that a band of Accursed recently visited the town, and demanded that the refugees who settle it leave. As it turns out, those Accursed dwelt here, long before the Bane War began. Needless to say, they're unhappy about the refugees stealing their homes and land. The Witchmarked heroes must decide which party is in the right, and try to resolve their conflict, lest blood be shed between those who still oppose the Witches.

A Quiet Life is available from DriveThruRPG for $1.25

Heavyweight Standard Printing

DriveThruRPG is in the process of updating the printing process used for their standard printing. The change is focused upon the weight of paper used for the printing process. They've switched from a 50 pound weight to a 70 pound weight. The newer paper makes the books a little bit thicker and a little bit heavier. It also does a somewhat better job of absorbing ink, and, since it's thicker, it's more difficult to see artwork or text on the other side of a page.

We've completed the transfer process, designing new covers for all of our standard printing books to be compatible with the thicker pages. We've also ordered proofs to confirm that the pages look OK. The new books are more expensive to print, but we've chosen to keep our pricing the same. Any books ordered from Melior Via on DriveThruRPG going forward will use the heavyweight paper.

Review Drive

So, we just had to order a whole bunch of proof copies of our books. However, we don't maintain an inventory of our books. So, we don't really want to leave those sitting around. After a bit of thought, I've decided what to do with them. We want more reviews of our products. We're pretty sure there are at least a few folks out there who would like printed copies of our products.

With that in mind, the first eight people who contact me and offer me links to three reviews of Melior Via products that they have published (preferably on DriveThruRPG or Amazon) for our products will get a free copy of one of the 8 proofs that we have on hand. There are a few important caveats to this:
  1. You'll need to demonstrate that you're the author. Having a name or e-mail address that matches the reviewer's name is a good start.
  2. This will be first come first served. We aren't printing extra copies of books for this at this time.
  3. Due to the cost of postage, we're restricting this to people with a US mailing address. It is cheaper for us to print copies outside of the US and mail them than it is for us to post books internationally. If this goes well, we'll consider running a future contest for international reviewers.
Note that these do need to be new reviews. Once you've posted them, please drop a line to with a link to the reviews.


We know that many of our supporters would like to see more 1-sheet adventures released. We're considering running a Patreon campaign to insure a flow of monthly adventures. This could also offer an opportunity for supporters to have a say in which settings we support, have custom artwork created to be featured in adventures, and even to play in games with our creators. If this sounds like a good idea, please let us know that you'd be willing to support it.