Thursday, March 27, 2014

Accursed: Long Dead and Twice Slain

We've just put the first of the 1-sheet adventures up for sale on DriveThru, and sent out the associated coupon codes to our Kickstarter Backers. (Well, to backers who had selected the 1-sheet pack as an add-on.) Note that this is a bit longer than we'd intended. So, it's actually 10 pages. Perhaps calling it a 1-sheet is a misnomer?

This one is Long Dead and Twice Slain by Shane Lacy Hensley.

Here's the brief intro:

A mysterious spirit haunts a band of human warriors who seek to cleanse a region of the Witches' contamination. Only a band of Witchmarked could hope to overcome the seemingly indecipherable danger at hand. The powers that they receive from their curse could be the solution to unlocking the mystery.

Long Dead and Twice Slain is a short scenario that takes focuses on the adventures of a band of Witchmarked heroes in the Accursed game setting. The adventure may be played as a standalone, or it may be used with the Plot Point Campaign included in Accursed. The adventure features four brief scenes, with necessary game mechanics and opportunity for tasks that can be resolved in a variety of ways.

Kamil Jadczak did a great job with the interior artwork and Jeff Preston produced a great map. Here's a peek at each of those:

The Clock Maker's Ruins:

For folks who weren't involved in the Kickstarter or didn't select the 1-sheet package as an add-on, this is available for purchase from DriveThruRPG for just $2.50.

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