Friday, September 4, 2015

A Release, a Sale, and some News

We have a few small announcements that we need to share.
New Release
Last week, we released Fall of the Tower, an adventure for Accursed. This began as a special event run at Gen Con 2014 for a few of our Kickstarter backers. It represents a turning point in the struggle for the future of Morden, a savage blow struck against either the Witches who have conquered the land or the Order of the Penitent that seeks to save it.

The Order has tracked down a woman whom they believe to be the last surviving Seelie Fey. With her help, it may be possible to strike and destroy Turris Atra, the Chimera's base of power. However, doing so risks the Order's own base of operations. Dare the heroes attempt such a crippling strike?

This adventure was originally run exclusively at Gen Con 2014 for a group of Kickstarter Backers. It includes six pregenerated Witchmarked player characters. Those characters are also available as alternative face cards, compatible with our existing Accursed decks. These replace the Jacks of the appropriate suits.

The PDF version includes print & play versions of the cards, designed to be used with letter sized pre-perforated business card sheets, such as Avery 5870. Page 1 shows the card backs. page 2 shows the card faces. The PDF uses a monotone card background and back, to avoid alignment issues when printing on prepunched sheets. Both of these are markedly different from the Print on Demand version.

$2.50 in PDF or $3.50 with the six Print on Demand cards.

Special Sale 

DriveThruRPG is in the midst of a 15% off sale on *many* Savage Worlds products. (Including the Core Rules, Companions, and most of Melior Via's products.)

Here's a link for the full list.

In addition, they also selected Accursed as one of their featured Savage September titles (along with the Horror Companion and Thrilling Tales). The PDF is 40% off this weekend, and we're adding our own discount of 20% off of the print price as well for the same time frame.

Click here for the link.

Worldbook in Development

We announced it at the Gen Con licensee seminar, and a few folks have asked since then. So, I guess we might as well let people know. We're currently developing an expanded series of worldbooks, in the same vein as Sand & Stone. The current plan is to run a crowdfunding campaign for these in early 2015. It would be three additional ebooks. If all successfully fund, then we'll combine them with Sand & Stone to sell as a print compilation.

Here's where they stand:

Steppengrad & Valkenholm - This book is a little more than half-written. We're currently refining our art notes.
Manreia & the Discordian Sea - This book is currently contracted.
Cairn Kainen & the Outlands - This book is still in early development.

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