Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Old School Blue - Geomorphic Dungeon Tiles

We've just launched a new set of print-on-demand products, as part of Melior Via's Maps and Tools line.
There are currently four sets available:
Each tile is a six-inch square, with the grid marked out in the classic blue from old adventure maps. They are otherwise undetailed, so that they can be used for dungeons, space ships, office buildings, or any other combat map that your game needs. The back of each tile is a blank 6-inch grid, useful for quickly expanding any of the maps into a larger area.

Tiles do have a matte coating, which works well with dry-erase markers. It's easy quickly indicate room features like doors or traps, and then wipe it away when the encounter is complete.

Because of their small size and stack-ability, the tiles are quick to pack up and easy to lay down as the battlefield grows on your next game night.

Old School Blue Geomorphic Tiles are compatible with Blue Dungeon Tiles from Red Kobold Games.

I shot a quick video to give a brief overview of the tiles.

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