Friday, August 9, 2019

Hope Prep on the Foundry
Two posts in a month? What's going on?

We've just released Hope Preparatory School for Genesys, as part of the Genesys Foundry program. The biggest challenge with this release was the fact that there the Genesys Core Rulebook does not include rules for Super Powers. Hope Prep works around that, adapting the Magic system with some rules adjustments to work for Supers.

In addition to background information about the school, the Freshman Handbook includes character creation rules and game statistics for the faculty with whom the Freshman most often interact.

If FFG releases official Supers rules, we'll go back and revise this book to take advantage of them.

It's available from DriveThruRPG for $4.99. Note that this version includes a few pieces of artwork that we never got around to inserting in our other versions. It also uses some of the character pack artwork throughout.

If there's interest, we'll convert our character packs and adventures to Genesys and add them to the Foundry as well.

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