Saturday, May 14, 2011

Projects Status Update 5/14/11

I thought today I would give a quick update on various projects so that readers might learn what Melior Via is currently pursuing. We have a number of irons in the fire, so this may seem just a wee bit unfocused. Fortunately, we have a number of people working on these projects, so the workload is nicely diversified.

The next Hope Preparatory School scenario (The Substitute) is making solid progress. Scott Schletz's draft is currently in editing. Jeff Preston is once more handling the cover. Wesley Street is working on the maps. Interior art descriptions need to be revised and assigned. We are on schedule for a June release for the M&M 3rd Edition release. For those following the convention scene, the description has already been posted among our Gen Con and Origins events.

The ICONS conversion for Orientation and the Freshman Character Pack are also both making solid progress. We should have those ready for a June release as well.

In the longer term, we have a few other projects in the works. Without going into too many details, here's a brief list of things we're working on:
-We have another system conversion for the HPS Freshman Handbook in progress.
-We recently contracted Dan Houser to create several pieces. These will go into a new HPS Character Pack.
-We have an additional setting in development. This one is not a supers setting, and it uses another licensed system.
-Preliminary writing on the third HPS scenario has been contracted. It's due for an August release in the M&M system.

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