Monday, May 23, 2011

The Convention Scene

This past weekend, we attended AnCon in Hudson, Ohio. It's a very friendly local annual game convention. We had a great time talking about Hope Prep with other attendees and running HPS #0 Orientation, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Players were also given HPS Student ID badges, as a memento of their session. (We'll have these at Origins and Gen Con as well.)

These were our first public sessions of the scenario, as we gear up towards the summer convention season. Thanks to all who played or just stopped by to say hello. It's always great to get a chance to talk about Hope Prep with enthusiastic gamers.

Origins Game Fair registration doesn't seem to be selling quite as quickly as Gen Con sold through. The good news is that for those interested in playing HPS adventures at Origins, there remain a few tickets available. At this time, two of our sessions of Orientation each have a single ticket available. Three sessions of The Substitute also have tickets remaining. We're looking forward to attending both of those shows and running as many games as we can.

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