Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gen Con 2011 Report

Gen Con went very well for us this year, thanks to all who came out and played or just stopped by to ask questions. Our eight events, featuring the M&M3 versions of Orientation and the Substitute were well attended and well received. Both our players and GMs all seeemed to have a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us. Players went home with laminated student IDs featuring the characters that they played in the events.

Over the course of the show, we handed out promotional postcards at both the DriveThruRPG and the Green Ronin booths. Many thanks to both companies for helping us to promote the setting. We also were privileged to meet quite a few bloggers and podcasters over the course of the show, several of whom I hope to be in touch with in the coming months.

On Saturday, I was able to attend Pinnacle Entertainment Group's seminar. They were kind enough to give me an opportunity to announce that Hope Prep will be coming to Savage Worlds this fall. The license has been granted and work is well underway. The current goal is to have that available in September, barring any complications with other work.

Finally, many thanks to all who took advantage of our "We Broke Even" bundles. The sale was a great success. I look forward to any feedback from those who chose to purchase the PDFs!

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