Monday, August 1, 2011

We Broke Even! Bundles

Yesterday something very exciting happened in the course of Melior Via's history. We have now sold enough copies of the Hope Preparatory School Freshman Handbook to cover our development costs. I guess since I'm admitting my excitement about this, it makes it pretty clear that none of our other products have gotten to that level of success yet, but the fact that one of them has is a major milestone for us.

So, we decided that we need to do something to celebrate the success. I realize that one sale just ended, but I think we can still launch another. For the next week, there are two Hope Preparatory School bundles available through DriveThruRPG. They're each priced at $5.00 and include the Freshman Handbook along with the introductory scenario - Orientation. One is for M&M3 and the other is for ICONS. That's like buying Orientation and getting the Handbook for just a penny!

Here are the direct links:
We Broke Even! M&M3 Bundle
We Broke Even! ICONS Bundle

This week is Gen Con - we look forward to a lot of great gaming at the show and hope to see folks who have enjoyed the Hope Prep setting. For those who can't attend, I hope you get a chance to get some games in at home.

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