Monday, June 29, 2015

The Thin Blue Line Kickstarter Launches

This is a landmark day for The Thin Blue Line: A Detroit Police Story. We're launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter today, to fund the full production of the RPG. We're tremendously excited about this, and we hope you'll consider supporting us in our efforts. Jason has been working on this project for years, and I'm thrilled that he chose to team with Melior Via to bring his vision to life.

The Thin Blue Line came out of a passion for Detroit and for its history. Modern Detroit has weathered countless social, political, and economic challenges but continues to persevere thanks to the strength and passion of its citizens. It's clear that the city offers a terrific variety of adventure hooks for paranormal adventure.

In working with Jason to prepare the setting for publication, we had to make a number of different decisions. One of those was about the artwork for the book. Because the setting is so firmly grounded in Detroit, it was important to us that we presented the city as realistically as possible. With that in mind, we've chosen to liberally use photographs of the city. We're using professional photographers to capture the city's contrasts and its life as fully as possible. This felt like the most credible way to present Detroit to someone who didn't live or visit there.

Cadillac Statue

Of course, that posed a bit of a challenge - after all, we can't easily snap pictures of paranormal entities. So, we decided to leverage our theme for that. Instead of using traditional illustration or trying to get photos of people in costume, we decided that the best approach to these would be to craft illustrations as though they came from a police sketch artist. While most precincts would surely dismiss a witness who saw a ghost, the specialists from Corktown not only pay careful attention, they also obtain a sketch and file it for future reference.
Le Nain Rouge
We've been fortunate to have Mikael Brodu do graphic design work, so we know the book and PDFs are going to look fantastic. We're excited to offer a draft to our Kickstarter backers that gives them an opportunity to help us refine the book before it goes to print. We're thrilled to have Mike Mumah and Amy Ashbaugh on board as artists for the project. We've got ambitious plans lined up for The Thin Blue Line, and we know that we can achieve them with the support of the Savage Worlds community.

Thanks for reading about The Thin Blue Line! I’d like to close out this blog post with a request: please consider spreading the word about our Kickstarter—and why you think it is special—that would mean the world to all of us. For the game line to succeed, we need your help.

Direct Link to the Kickstarter

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