Monday, July 6, 2015

1 Week Update on The Thin Blue Line Kickstarter

The Thin Blue Line: A Detroit Police Story has been running for about a week now. We've been toying with the 50% funded line for the past couple of days approaching it and even briefly passing it, before a couple of backers had to withdraw. We're grateful for all the support and attention its received to date. We feel like a community is emerging around the project, and that's deeply gratifying. 
Blog UpdateToday's blog post features Salt People, who come from the mines beneath the Great Lakes region to scourge the city. We think they're a pretty neat idea, and we're excited to preview them.

Map Print on Demand Add-On
We've added a Print on Demand version of the Detroit map to the add-on list. It's intended for international backers, but any pledge level is welcome to add it for $3. DriveThruRPG will be printing our physical poster maps of Detroit. When the map is available, we'll send a digital coupon so that you can buy it at cost (less than $1) + shipping (~$3, but please check with a test order)  directly from DriveThruRPG.

Demo Update
John will be running another demo at Immortals Inc in Cleveland this Tuesday, 7/7 at 6:30 PM EDT. Here's a link to the event on Facebook
John's also working to coordinate a game at The Side Quest  – A great geek bar in Cleveland. We're tentatively aiming for Friday 7/17. I'll give more info once I have it.

Stretch Goals
We're close enough to the 50% that we can taste it, so we're going to go ahead and announce another stretch goal here. We're excited about it, and we're confident you will be too!
Stretch Goal #1 - $10,000
Chapter Six of the full setting book presents a range of characters and monsters that inhabit the setting's fictional take on Detroit. Le This includes prominent citizens, talent scouts, and a variety of paranormal threats. With our current art budget, all of artwork in this chapter will be Black and White, rendered in the style of witness composite sketches. If we achieve this stretch goal, all of the NPC illustrations will be upgraded to full color illustrations. Illustrations in Chapter Seven (Adventures) will also be upgraded to full color. This will directly benefit everyone purchasing the PDF or print version of the full setting book (all backers at $20 and up).
Stretch Goal #2 - $12,500
We've contacted a few of our friends, and asked them to help us out with this stretch goal. At $12,500 we'll include a set of five 1-Sheet adventures for all backers at the $20 level and up. These will be presented in a similar style to the 1-sheets that Melior Via has previously published for Accursed. Each is a standalone adventure, with enough content for a solid night's gaming. The authors who have agreed to create these 1-sheets are:
  • Josh Hilden: Josh is a writer of Role Playing Games, short stories, essays, poetry, novellas, and novels. While many of his works heavily feature zombies and the undead, he writes on broad range of topics.
  • David Jarvis: David's best known for his creation of the Interface Zero cyberpunk campaign setting for Savage Worlds. He's also hard at work on Codex Infernus, a sourcebook for integrating hell into your Savage setting. Something that seems like it could be a great complement for The Thin Blue Line.
  • Mack Martin:  Mack was lead developer for Malifaux: Through the Breach from Wyrd Entertainment. He also worked as a developer on Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay from Fantasy Flight Entertainment. Mack's currently host of The Dice Decide podcast.
  • Jason Richards: Jason is best known for creating the Breachworld RPG setting, a post-apocalyptic, open-world, kitchen-sink, sandbox RPG, powered by Mini Six.
  • Ross Watson: Ross Watson is an award-winning game designer who worked on Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, Accursed, Dust Warfare and Darksiders. Ross hosts the Gamer’s Tavern podcast, a weekly show focusing on games, gaming, and game design.
We have many more stretch goals planned, but we're going to hold back on announcing others at this time. We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. We still have a fair hurdle to overcome before we achieve funding.

Thanks again for your support. Please help us spread the word. Good gaming!

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