Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3/22/11 - Weekly Update

HPS #0 - Orientation!
The last of the interior artwork solicitations for the first scenario  were sent out last night. Both Mike Munshaw and Patrick Sullivan have agreed to participate in this project. We've also recruited Jeff Preston to provide a cover. Wesley Street is designing a series of detailed maps of the school that should be a big help in this scenario and future ones as well.
John is writing this scenario, and the current draft is progressing smoothly.

Freshman Handbook Revised File
A minor revision to the Freshman handbook has been uploaded to DriveThruRPG, and an e-mail was sent to all buyers. This revision addressed the white on black text present in the sidebars. Anyone using a PDF reader that supports layers (including Acrobat Reader 6+ or FoxIt) can now turn off the sidebars layer to reveal a black text on white background box. This should be a bit friendlier for everyone's toner/ink supplies. The revised file is immediately available to all new purchasers as well.

Early Sales Figures
We're very happy with the preliminary sales reports that we've seen from DriveThruRPG regarding our numbers on the Hope Preparatory School Freshman Handbook. We were briefly ranked in the 30s in the Small Press Top 100. For a first product from an unknown publisher, that's not too shabby. Thank you to everyone for the support we've received.

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