Thursday, March 17, 2011

HPS Freshman Handbook Now Available

Today, the Hope Preparatory School Freshman Handbook went up for sale on DriveThruRPG.Com. This is Melior Via's first release, and I'm pretty excited to have it out there.

Mind you, this just means that the deadline for our next release is looming ever closer.

Hope Preparatory School is a privately funded institution dedicated to preparing tomorrow's metahumans for whatever paths might lie ahead. With a tradition that stretches back over 60 years,  a world-renowned faculty, and affiliations with all of the best universities, HPS is the place to send your child to prepare him or her for life.

The HPS Freshman Handbook provides the background material and character creation rules compatible with M&M 3rd Edition for Melior Via's line of Hope Prep Adventures, as well as plenty of information and adventure hooks to run a campaign set within a metahuman high school.

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