Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Stretch - HPS Logo

Our draft came back from the editor, and I'm very happy with how things looked, so it went directly from there to layout.

Layout went smoothly, and now the Hope Preparatory School Freshman Handbook is in the hands of our trusted proofreaders. In just a few more days, I hope to be making the final tweaks and uploading it for sale.

In the meantime, I thought it might be worth talking about some of the artwork.

While it may not be the most comic-book style piece, I wanted to start out by talking about the HPS logo. That's partly because it's a core part of the project -- it's featured on the cover and on the books' watermark. But, it's also because it's something that I had a lot of fun working with Wesley Street to design.

So, let's break down the elements of the logo.

The Inscription:
It's Latin. Why? Because I studied Latin for too many years to not take advantage of it in situations like this. It translates, roughly to "Saving the World, One Student at a Time."

Inside the circle:
The Sphere is meant to represent the Globe, indicating that HPS is a global organization.

The Torch is meant to represent the light of understanding.

The Book represents education.

The Atom in the book represents knowledge. As the school does cover far more than just the sciences, this might seem a bit specific. However, the it harkens back to the Latin (OK, I was focused when I designed this.) "scientia" meaning knowledge.

The Balance represents justice. I particularly liked the center of this scale as it seemed sword-like. Particularly appropriate for a school that focuses on educating those who might one day see justice carried out.

Finally, the wings on the outside of the circle are meant to represent the superhuman.

So, what's it all mean together?

Hope Preparatory School is a place where those with special abilities can come to a greater understanding of the world, balancing knowledge with justice.

At least, that's the intention. I'm sure others may interpret it differently. Or tell me my Latin's out of practice.

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