Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open House Sale and ICONS character sheet

Some may have noticed that we're currently running a sale on the OneBookShelf sites. This continues through Sunday. All of our products are currently 20% off. That means the Freshman Handbook for ICONS and M&M3 are $3.99 each. It also includes the Freshman Character Pack and the introductory adventure - "Orientation" for M&M3.

We're still in the process of getting Orientation and the Freshman Character Pack ready for ICONS release. As I've worked on the characters, I needed to create a Hope Prep themed character sheet for ICONS. That sheet is now available for free download. Click on the thumbnail to grab the PDF from

Artwork for our next Hope Prep Scenario - the Substitute - has started to trickle in, and it's looking terrific. I hope to have that adventure heading into layout early next week. We're on track for a mid-June release for M&M3. The ICONS release will likely slip into July.

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